ICYMI: Your Values, Your Activism

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ICYMI Your Values, Your Activism
By Mara Swift, Social Media & Communications Intern

Since November 8th, many of us have lost the luxury of political apathy. ‘What do I do now’ conversations with friends, co-workers and family members are frequent and can be emotional. But they often lead to important next questions.

How can I act on my values, and perhaps more importantly, how can I do this effectively?

These questions are hard to answer! But, there are people working day and night organizing and advocating for their (and our!) causes. Now, more than ever, we need to listen and learn from them.

On Monday, February 13th, Tribe 12 organized New To This: An Activism Bootcamp. We heard from passionate, young, and down-right experty, experts.

Dan Siegel, who has served at every level of campaigns from local to presidential, schooled us on grassroots organizing and explained how to influence public perception, regulations and public policy through our actions.

Kellan White, political consultant and former City Council aide, went through the steps of effectively lobbying your legislators. Tip: be strategic and don’t kvetch, or as Kellan White said, “don’t be the bratty constituent if you want to be listened to.”

Neil Deegan is a fundraising consultant, managing partner at a strategic consulting firm, a former congressional staffer and former state director of a health care coalition (oy, he’s busy).  Neil explained how to fundraise and grow political support to the campaigns and organizations you care about. Storytelling, not The Little Mermaid, but YOUR story is “the best tool in your arsenal.”

Marni Snyder, criminal defense attorney, lead a “know your rights” training to prepare us for protests and rallies. She gave us these helpful tips:

  1. If a police officer approaches you, ask “am I being detained?” If they say no– walk away!
  2. If you are detained/ arrested it is helpful to have copies of your prescriptions and important phone numbers available (your phone may be taken away).

Organizing is an ongoing process and we were thrilled to host this event. Philly (and Jewish Philly) is stepping up to help us take effective action. To continue staying involved, check out Repair the World’s February Day of Service and Action.

Thank you to our speakers, the Tattooed Mom for hosting us, and a big, big thank you to Brett Goldman who helped put this important event together.



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