The Case for Fun Time at Work

After our time at The Collaboratory in Atlanta, we are ready to get to work. One thing we learned (or re-learned) was how great our team is. Conferences and other formal learning environments help organizations develop and move strategy forward, but they can be an honest waste of time if a foundation of trust does not already exist.

It can feel funny or even irresponsible to spend money on team bonding activities. After all, you and your team probably have your hands in multiple projects and sometimes the eight-hour-day is more than eight hours. That said, taking a pause in the whiplash of a typical week is productive; employees that care about each other, work better together! 

It can be a struggle to get everyone excited for the same activity. Here are some Philly-based ideas that lots of different crowds could enjoy. 


City Kitchen at Reading Terminal Market offers Food Network inspired team building activities! Super cool to be able to cook delicious food in a Philadelphia institution.

If budget is a concern, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate food into your activity. Try going somewhere with something fun to eat. We suggest TABU because they have SEVEN tot options. Does anything scream team bonding more than small fried potatoes?

A carton full of cheesy tater tots held up in front of a rainbow sidewalk

Instead of fussing at everyone to put away their phones, encourage them to take artsy pictures like the one above! Taking pictures of food and each other, while sometimes a drag, is actually a really cheap way to bond if everyone gets into it!

Axe Throwing

We went to Urban Axes a few weeks ago and it was a blast! Competition may seem like an obvious no-no when it comes to team bonding, but it can be good! It is a reminder that your team has many different skills. Each of you has strengths and struggles and that is what makes you a good team. AND AXE THROWING IS SUPER FUN.

An axe is held up in front of a target


There is a fair amount of sitting involved in bowling. This is a good option if your team likes to chat or doesn’t want to deal with learning rules to a new game. Mix up the atmosphere by going to one of the many cool bowling alleys in the city, like North Bowl or the philanthropic PEP Bowl.

Have you had a team building activity that is worth spreading the word about? Let us know!


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