Meet Rachel!

Name: Rachel Abramowitz

My job at Tribe 12: Strategic Growth Manager

…But really, I’d describe my role as: making sure that everything behind the scenes works so the Tribe 12 you interact with online is as awesome as it is in person

Weirdest thing on my desk: A mini gnome carrying a wheelbarrow of sunflowers

Secret superpower: I have disproportionately large feet for the size of my body (I’m 5’2″ and a size 9 shoe)

I’m famous for… Hand modeling! You can find my hands gracing the social media feeds of Subway, Big Gay Ice Cream and Trade Winds Iced Tea

Side hustle: I help small non-profits adopt, integrate and use Salesforce to further their mission

Nerdiest hobby: I’m into cryptocurrency. Oh and I have pretty intense home automation. Those are both pretty nerdy…



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