Meet Davinica!

Young professional poses with tongue out and peace sign in front of a mosaic wallName: Davinica Nemtzow

My job at Tribe 12: LGBTQIA+ Coordinator

…But really, I’d describe my role as: Creating a safe space with super chill events for the queer Jewish community

Favorite mitzvah: Hosting guests! My life goal is to be the perfect blend of Ina Garten and Jeff Goldblum. If you don’t organically have the eccentric energy of a God of Chaos, storebought is fine.

If I didn’t live in Philly I’d live… In Portland, Maine or Tzfat, Israel

Side hustle: I’m the founder/executive director of a charitable online art gallery called Creating United Empowerment

The least Jewish thing about me is… My mom’s an Irish Buddhist and her parents are Baptists in New Mexico!

After Tribe 12 I might… Travel the world learning from native cultures about their use of medicinal plants for my newest painting series!



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