Meet Ross!

Guy giving two thumbs up in front of a mosaicName: Ross Berkowitz

My job at Tribe 12: CEO

…But really, I’d describe my role as: I love and believe in Tribe 12. I make it go.

Silly event idea: Treyf (non-kosher) food crawl!!

If I didn’t live in Philly I’d live in…Toronto. I have a lot of good friends there and love the town — except that it gets even colder than here

Jewish holiday I could celebrate everyday: Passover — not the food restrictions (I do not do that now) but the focus on family and learning together is beautiful

Favorite Jewish food: Shwarma and mallawach

Nerdiest hobby: I collected comic books for MANY years — and still like to go to Barnes and Noble when I can to read graphic novels


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