Interviews with a Fellow: Danielle Brief

We asked our 2019 Fellows to answer some questions about themselves. Photo credit to Yael Pachino Photography. Here is our interview with Danielle:

My venture in under 5 words is… custom mosaic gifts

Who inspired you to do this venture? my twin sister, the bride who got everything on her registry but preferred the memorable, custom gifts

What was the last gift you gave someone? I gave my boyfriend a watercolor painting collage of all the cool places we’ve traveled to together.

Do you have a pet? I have a 5-year-old Calico cat named Paloma (Spanish for dove)

What makes me nerdy is… I’m on a Jewish improv team called The Maccababes

How do you eat your fries? Without ketchup, or else

You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant? I would ride it to work, which would be waaaay faster than septa.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why? I would be a Manuka Tree so I could provide magical honey

Danielle’s venture is Hamsa Made: Custom mosaics using personal items. Chat with her about her venture at Pitch Night


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