Interviews with a Fellow: Gail Rubinstein

We asked our 2019 Fellows to answer some questions about themselves. Photo credit to Yael Pachino Photography. Here is our interview with Gail:

My venture in under 5 words is… The Truth Behind Closed Doors

Who inspired you to do this venture? Michael Adler & Ross

What is your favorite mitzvah (good deed)? Simcha, celebrating in someone else’s joy and happiness.

What was the last gift you gave someone? A HUG (Author note: OMG suuuuuper cute)

Do you have a pet? YES! Dog is Layla, cat is Winni (cat has no boundaries, haha!)

My favorite thinking music genre is… Christian Gospel

My favorite life hack is… googling words I do not understand

Currently binging… Sex Education on NETFLIX

My friends call me… Ruby

If I were a kitchen appliance I would be… The Coffee Maker

My favorite button on a microwave is… START

How do you eat your fries? With Gravy and Cheese like all the Canadians

How lucky are you and why? Super lucky, because everything can always be a Half Glass Full rather than half empty

Gail’s venture is workshops for those who have experienced trauma and abuse on how to heal. To talk to Gail about it at Pitch Night


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