Interviews with a Fellow: Michael Gotlib

We asked our 2019 Fellows to answer some questions about themselves. Photo credit to Yael Pachino Photography. Here is our interview with Michael

My venture in under 5 words is… Teach people/organizations psychological flexibility

(We didn’t know what psychological flexibility was, so we asked the expert, Michael: “Psychological flexibility is our ability to recognize, adapt and shift perspective in various situations. It helps us shift both our mind and body towards the people and actions that are important to us rather than trying to avoid difficult thoughts and feelings. Psychological flexibility is a skill set and way of being that can be learned by anyone. People with greater psychological flexibility have increased well-being, resilience, work performance, improved focus, less burnout, reduced anxiety, and overall improved mental health.”)

What are you most excited to learn during the fellowship? How to briefly and easily share with organizations what I do and how I can help them. Also, to build my social and professional network because I am new to the area.

The person that inspires me most is… My wife Alexis

Weirdest thing on my desk… A stuffed owl wearing a graduation cap and ally pin

How do you eat your fries? Dipped in ranch dressing

You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant? Ask the elephant what it would like to do (Author’s note: we really appreciate this answer, it’s very diplomatic of you!)

Michael’s venture is My Mental Yoga: Psychological Flexibility taught in yoga studios. Chat with Michae about it at Pitch Night


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