Interviews with a Fellow: Doriane Feinstein

We asked our 2019 Fellows to answer some questions about themselves. Photo credit to Yael Pachino Photography. Here is our interview with Dori:

My venture in under 5 words is… Sex, theatre, and many questions.

Who inspired you to do this venture? My initial venture was entirely different, but during our retreat, I was struggling deeply in all of my assignments. I talked a lot about the play I was writing and one of my other fellows asked: “why don’t you just use your play as the venture?” Since then everything has become a whole lot easier.

My favorite life hack is… Ok, this is ridiculous but if you’re having a lazy day or just don’t want to do dishes for whatever reason, I use tin foil and put it over my dishes so I can just throw it away when I’m done eating! Obviously, don’t do it if you need to microwave the food but putting a sandwich on tinfoil on top of your plate saves so much cleanup. Also, metal straws make great chopsticks.

My friends call me…  My friends call me Dori but I force them to add fish emojis when they save me on their phone (because my identity entirely revolves around Finding Nemo). But to clarify, no one is allowed to call me Dori Feinstein. It’s Doriane, Dori, OR Doriane Feinstein– those are the options.

What makes me nerdy is… I have 50 + digits of pi memorized and have a calculus tattoo.

If I were a kitchen appliance I would be… Most definitely a coffee maker, probably a stupidly fancy French press that takes forever to use, is a pain to clean, but makes such incredible liquid goodness.

How lucky are you and why? I have a pretty weird life so it can get blurry between whether I am the luckiest or unluckiest human out there. I’ve had 3 near-death experiences but managed to live through them– I also walked through a demolition site by mistake the other week, a car caught on fire in front of me, I had to evacuate a house I was at for work because the police said there was a fugitive on that street with a pertinent smell of gasoline… But hey I’m still here and a lot of weird stuff keeps life interesting.

You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant? His name is Eli the Elephant. He is my new best friend. He lives in my back yard and when it’s cold out we’ll cuddle together in my house. He will give me rides to work while he focuses on learning his way around Philly. I’ll probably sign him up to volunteer somewhere in South Philly or Old City because I think he’d appreciate the abundance of parks and artsy architecture.

Dori’s venture, Theater Listens, is a program that facilitates discussion and engagement on consent, mental health, and other sensitive topics through the use of original theatrical works. Ask her all about the venture at Launch Night


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