Interviews With a Fellow: Rachel LeWitt

We asked all of our fellows to answer some creative interview questions. Photo credit to Yael Pachino Photography. Here is our interview with Rachel: 

My venture in under 5 words is… Stories where they happen

What is your favorite mitzvah (good deed)? Putting trash in the trash

My favorite thinking music genre is… Video game soundtracks

My day job is… Strategic communication consultant

Currently binging… water

How do you eat your fries? Doused in organic ketchup.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why? Banyan. Lots of roots in lots of places

What do you think of garden gnomes? Garden gnomes actually have a very interesting history. In the 18th century, some estate owners in England hired people to function and dress as hermits and live in OG tiny homes on their estate. Why? Melancholy, which was a big deal emotion back then, was prized in England at the time, and the wealthy estate owners essentially used their hermits to “feel” somber and introspective. The hermits exported their melancholy onto the estate owners; this is what they were paying for.

Rachel LeWitt’s mobile app, Somewhere, is a place for people to share and discover stories that matter where they actually happen. If you are interested in learning more about her venture, talk to Rachel at Launch Night!


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