12 Questions with a Tribe 12 Fellow

Fellow: Hillary Barlowe

1.) What was your introduction to Tribe 12?

Rachel Lewitt, began her venture, Somewhere, last year and I was excited to support a friend at Pitch Night! I started attending Tribe 12 events and was excited to apply for the fellowship!

2.) What motivated you to take part in the Fellowship?

I hoped to create my own opportunities as an entrepreneur and make connections to others in my community doing the same. 

3.) Which elements of the Fellowship did you find most enjoyable? Most difficult?

To show up authentically is always vulnerable, but finding that others reciprocate that presence made it much more comfortable. I’ve been so glad to get to know the cohort and support each other’s ideas and ventures.

4.) How did your venture begin?

I saw a church on 42nd and Spruce that is no longer in use and had an idea for community religious spaces that isn’t centered on services, but supplementary. I envisioned a space that would be a sanctuary to those who feel spiritual in whatever shape that takes and would allow individuals to learn tools to reconnect with their souls. 

5.) How did it change throughout the Fellowship?

I’ve focused on trauma-informed care, though I’d ideally love to have space for creative activities like art and music, I found the most pressing space that needs to be held is one for cultivating resiliency as well as workshopping individual, generational, and ancestral traumas with community. To care with, not for each other’s joy as well as their pain is the goal. 

6.) How is your venture influenced by your Judaism?

I was inspired by tikkun olam within a similar framework to Kintsugi. There’s an idea that when too much Source fills a vessel, it may shatter. Kintsugi, a Japanese art, allows for the improvement upon broken things rather than just mending. Broken ceramic is restored with golden paint. I’d like to help others learn the tools to mend their own scars with the golden paint of Source. While we may never be the same as we once were, we can be creative works in progress endeavoring to be even better.

7.) What are your future goals and plans?

I’m currently looking into accreditation programs like mindfulness certification and somatic experiencing as well as ordination. One day I would like to have a storefront with space for workshops as well as space for individuals to create their own ritual objects. 

8.) What does Jewish community mean to you?  

I find so much joy in being a member of a community and supporting those around me. Jewish community to me, means that individuals are able to express their Judaism with freedom and individuality.

9.) What are you looking forward to for Launch Night?

I’m looking forward to celebrating the culmination of the cohort’s ventures as a shared community.

10.) What is your nerdiest hobby?

I’m a knitter…

11.) Where would we find you on a Friday night?

Shabbat services or a Shabbat dinner with friends!

12.) What is your favorite thing about yourself?

My favorite thing about myself is my ability to start fresh daily.

Join us for a sneak peek of the ventures at Pitch Night, March 31st and the finished product at our 10th Annual Launch Night, May 12th. 

Written by: Carly Goldberg, Tribe 12 Intern


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