Matchmaking FAQ

Hi, it’s Danielle, your friendly neighborhood matchmaker! Thank you for your interest in Tribe 12’s matchmaking initiative. Let me tell you a bit about it so you can see if it’s a good fit for you!

♥ COVID-19 note: as you can imagine, things have shifted during this time and we have moved both my conversations with people like you and all of our events online. I’ve updated the information below to reflect this new normal.

Who is matchmaking for?

People who are…

  • → Dating in the Philly area (either living here or willing to date here)
  • → In their 20s and 30s
  • → Jew-ish in any way you personally define it
  • → And by the way: any gender identity, any sexual orientation, any relationship structures!

What is Tribe 12?

Tribe 12 is a donor-supported non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to connect people in their 20s/30s to Jewish life and community in Philadelphia today so they will choose to stay connected tomorrow. You’re on our website right now!

Why does Tribe 12 have an in-house matchmaker?

I watched my religious friends use traditional matchmaking to find love and thought, why can’t everyone have that kind of help and support? I started this matchmaking initiative in 2014 and it grew organically, today taking up about 75% of my work time. My other hat has a significantly less groovy title, Assistant Director, which means I support our staff as they work to achieve our mission.

What happens after I connect with the matchmaker?

After I get to know you, my goal is to give you access to my network of hundreds of people in their 20s and 30s who are dating in Philly’s Jewish community! Here are some ways that plays out:

  • → Be your own matchmaker: Recommendations and introductions to communities, organizations and events where you may meet like-minded people on your own
  • → Invitations to rooms you should be in: Our public Tribe 12 events, series and opportunities which match your interests; plus private, curated dating events which are invitation only
  • → Personal introductions: Connecting you directly with someone else I have met with one-on-one

How much does it cost?

Since we’re a non-profit, we ask for a completely optional, one-time donation of $36 (which can be completed now, later or never at for keeping you in mind in this way. There is a Jewish tradition is to give your matchmaker a “gift” for a successful match – so if my connections result in you meeting someone great, I’d love for you to consider giving a donation of any kind to Tribe 12 then, too.

What’s the catch?

I like to be transparent ahead of time that this suggested-donation-service we provide is pretty hands-off, especially compared to what a matchmaking firm or dating coach would offer. If you are looking for that level of personal attention, here are my top three recommendations of people I know personally: Michal at Three Day Rule, Aleeza at Marriage Minded Mentor and Jessica at Fass Pass To Love.

OK I’m in! How do I book a time to speak with you?

Three options for your virtual convenience:

  • → Fast: Add yourself to my calendar for a real-time virtual chat! I have a certain number of spots a month so that is why this option includes a longer wait to chat.
  • → Faster: Add me on Whatsapp and leave me a video, voice memo or text with some basic info about you! I’ll reply with questions and we’ll go back and forth asynchronously, up to a week, til I feel like I have the information I need.
  • → Fastest: Add me on Marco Polo and leave me a video message with some basic info about you! Same as above — we’ll go back and forth asynchronously til I feel like I have what I need.

I wish they had this for my demographic / city / organization / religion / whatever!

We are just starting to explore what it would look like to help others start a similar matchmaking initiative in their communities because as far as we know, we’re the only one! Set up a time to chat if you want to explore the possibilities.