Quaran-Cleaning & Organizing

Hi there, Tribe 12 community! I’m Nicole Wasilus, owner of Everybody Loves Organizing, and I’ve got some organizing tips for you to make your home more zen & orderly while you’re staying in.


You’d be surprised to see all the room you have in your fridge, pantry, and freezer when you toss out expired foods. Take out everything–and I mean everything–and look for the expiration date. And while you’re at it, why not wipe down your fridge or cabinet while it’s empty? Trash expired items, and keep the soon-to-be expired towards the front.

Similarly, with glassware, we get free cups, coffee mugs, and thermoses as giveaways. Take a good look at them, and decide what you no longer need. Toss the chipped and rarely used, and keep what you like and use often. Consider cabinet shelves like these to maximize the vertical space in your cabinet. Keep coffee mugs and thermoses near where you make your coffee. Put your glassware back in your cabinet sorted by category and height.

Lastly, organize all the tupperware. Does everything have a lid? Toss unmatched items, and consider switching from plastic to glass containers. If you have the room, I always recommend storing tupperware with the lids on. It’s so much easier! If you don’t have that option, store smaller containers in larger ones, and stack matching lids together.


Rules in the kitchen apply here: toss medicine (and makeup) that has expired. If you have the space and energy, consider storing medicine in bins grouped by category, e.g. first aid, allergies, cold and flu. Be sure to keep them out of reach of kids!

Keep products off your bathroom countertop, and put them in a drawer or cabinet instead. Just make sure the products you use daily are kept in a place that makes it easy to access them. You should also avoid keeping shower products scattered around the floor and tub. A hanging shower caddy frees up space and keeps everything in reach when you need them most.

With all this floor space freed up, invest in a small decorative bin. You can fit your toilet paper and rolled-up bath towels in one convenient space. Now your linen closet has room to breathe!

Those are just some of my tips. I hope they were informative and sparked a fire in you to take this time we have and get organized! If you have questions or would like to talk in-depth about your space, contact me on my Facebook page!



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