12 Things I Learned as a Tribe 12 Intern

For the past four months, I have had the privilege to work alongside the awesome staff at Tribe 12 through Temple University’s Feinstein Center Jewish Professional Internship program. As a new 20s/30s, I got a chance to interact with and market to much of Philly’s young Jewish community.


Here are twelve things that I’ve learned during my time here:


  1. Judaism looks different for different people, and someone’s Judaism can influence their life in many different ways.
  2. Connecting with other Jews can help people feel more in touch with their own Judaism, whether it’s a new group of friends, a significant other, or a Friday night Shabbat squad.
  3. Listen to your constituents and be responsive to their needs.
  4. Food-related content is almost always good content, and Jewish food-related content is almost always great content.
  5. In the right atmosphere, it’s easier than you’d think to connect with people!
  6. Social media can be a super helpful and powerful tool to spread ideas, especially when a nice picture and some fun emojis are involved.
  7. Zoom events are sometimes intimidating, but can be very successful (ie. Pitch Night)!
  8. Lots of thought and hard work goes into even the small details of planning an event.
  9. Almost any graphic can be edited together on Canva, especially because I haven’t used Photoshop since high school.
  10. In times of crisis, people want and need a sense of community more than ever.
  11. The Philadelphia Jewish community is strong, interconnected, and full of opportunities.
  12. A great group of coworkers definitely make an internship all the more enjoyable 🙂


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