Are you an Intrapreneurer?!

The Tribe 12 Fellowship – for Entrepreneurs and…Intra-preneurs?

Many of you are familiar with the Tribe 12 Fellowship. It’s a leadership and entrepreneurial program for individuals that are dedicated to personal growth, enriching communities, and making Judaism their own. Through a curriculum built on the themes of self-discovery, philanthropy, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurship, Fellows apply the tangible skills they learn to create a capstone project of their own design: a new or existing business, nonprofit, community, or anything in between.

But what about folks working in established organizations that they didn’t create? I’m glad you asked! While known for incubating new ventures, the Tribe 12 Fellowship is also for people looking to grow and develop within an existing organization. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement, prototype a new program, or just hone your professional skills to better serve your current work, the Fellowship can provide you with the foundation to achieve your goals

Do you know someone who is looking to innovate and progress in their current place of business? Could you be an intra-preneur?

Reach out to our Fellowship Coordinator Polly to learn more about the Fellowship and how it could best serve you!

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