Welcome our 2021 Tribe 12 Fellows!

We are so excited to welcome these 16 amazing people! Over the course of the next few months, we cannot wait to watch them grow!




Aimee Goldstein 
Curlyfish Productions
Fun Fact: Has a 20-year-old pet frog




Michal Naisteter
Sex Positive Mama
Favorite Jewish Food: Latkahs




Matt Bussy
Diversifying Philadelphia’s Jewish
Film Festival
Fun Fact: I’m half-British!




Danielle Silberman 
Peace Lily Counseling Services
Favorite Jewish Memory: My wedding!



Alexa Stango
Aleysunflower Secondhand
Clothing Store
Favorite Jewish Memory: Shabbat dinners with roommates



Erica Kushner
Habonim Dror North America and Movement Democracy
Fun Fact: Erica makes challah every week


Eli Robbins
Fun fact: Eli is Juban
(Jewish Cuban)




Elijah Tomaszewski
Those Near and Far: Writing
Transgender and Jewish Characters
Favorite Jewish Holiday: Simchas Torah



Jamie Price
LIB Consulting Group
Favorite Jewish Memory: overnight summer camp


Sonia Gordon-Walinsky
Pasuk Art
Favorite Jewish Ritual: Rosh Hashanah mini – seder w/special foods for the new year




Amanda Thum
The Confidence Class, Inc.
Favorite Jewish Ritual: Shabbat



Gabrielle Schwartz
Cannabis and Cosmetics
Favorite Jewish Memory: Birthright Trip in 2015!




Jessica Grill
Nature Play NJ
Fun Fact: has competed and placed in traditional archery competitions




Hana Bernett
Safe Socially Distant Social Skills
Fun Fact: Loves her Margate summers




Benni Litman
LIB Consulting Group
Fun Fact: Used to study chimps
in the wild




Becca D’Onofrio
Parenting Positively
Fun Fact: Lived in Amsterdam for 5 years


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