Why do the Tribe 12 Fellowship?

By Michael Saks 

This upcoming class will be the 12th class of the Tribe 12 Fellowship. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs, myself included, come through the program and build up things they were passionate about – whether they were ideas, products, or programs. 

Are you contemplating applying? Here’s some advice.

1. Find something you’re passionate about.

          a. If you’re not passionate about it, why should others be?

2. An idea is a seed – and just like seeds, ideas will grow.

          a. A lot can happen and change over 4 months.

3. Be open to suggestions and feedback.

          a. You might be so close to the idea that you might be missing something.

          b. Someone might suggest something that’ll make your idea even better.

4. It doesn’t need to be a finished product when the program is done.

          a. Unless your venture has already taken shape prior to the program, 4                    months may not finish it, but it’ll help catapult it towards the future.

5. You get out what you put in.

          a. It’s not supposed to be easy but it’s not impossible. Hard work pays off.

6. Use your fellow entrepreneurs.

          a. They might see something you didn’t or there might be a future                              partnership.

7. Ask questions.

          a. You don’t know what you don’t know. Questions only help you identify                  how your venture will take shape.

8. Talk to alumni.

          a. There’s plenty of them who’ve made their side hustle their main hustle. 

9. Be flexible.

          a. The class of 2020 had to pivot some of their ventures and were able to                grow because of it.




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