To All Our Chris’s This Holiday Season

It’s a running joke for the Tribe 12 staff that every contractor we work with is named Chris. From photographers to tech support to web developers, we somehow end up with inboxes filled to the brim with Chris’s.

Screenshot of inbox
Like for real, how ridiculous is this?

Considering we’re a Jewish organization, the irony of working with a merry band of Chris’s is not lost on us, especially around the holiday season! So, in the true holiday spirit, we present an ode to the indispensable Chris’s who make Tribe 12 work:

Chris Hershberger-Esh at Spacious
We were introduced to this web problem solver extraordinaire by our friends at Social Impact Studios. Chris is friendly, easy to work with and oh so patient with mile-long emails. His specialty is web design and security for WordPress, so we have him to thank for large parts of our sweet website. If one of us is doing a happy dance / playing Michael Jackson at the office, we can be pretty sure it’s because of something Chris just fixed.

Chris Alghini at Cool Head Tech
When were switching our Google domain to from our old organization name and we were super stressed — switching everything to do with our emails, calendars and documents seemed like a huge task! Through some fortunate Googling we found Chris and Cool Head Tech. With what we can only assume was Jedi mind tricks, Chris did it all for us! Every detail was taken care of, and in a rare moment in tech, absolutely nothing went wrong in the process. Now we go to him about…. everything!

Chris Kendig at Chris Kendig Photography
Danielle met Chris years ago at a Spruce Foundation event, and ever since then he’s been Tribe 12’s go-to photographer. That’s because he’s super reliable, good on his feet, and takes beautiful headshots and candid photos alike. He even hooks us up with a very fair non-profit rate! Plus, he’s the OG Chris — the longest-standing Chris we work with!

An inbox screenshot
Yep, this screen shot represents three different Chris’s

Chris Gil
Our videographer Chris is a favorite human around here because he’s super chill and oh-so-talented. He’s the mind behind the hype video we showed at our big Beachadelphia bash last year — which, let’s be clear, Chris was still editing like a trooper minutes before the event because we made a crazy last minute request. Most recently, he filmed another creative video to promote our Tribe 12 Fellowship, and we’re working on something new with him right now – stay tuned!

Chris Braun at Cirrus Insight
We took our sweet, sweet time deciding on an email integration to test for Salesforce before finally landing on Cirrus, but Chris Braun was all patience, all the time. He answered months of questions and trained our whole team. We’re very glad David Rose, former board member extraordinaire, introduced us to him!

Chris Dickson at William Street Common
We work with a lot of bar managers, but Chris might win the medal for ‘Chillest of Them All’. When we were planning one of our biggest events ever, Beachadelphia, he was always up on the details, and always willing to go above and beyond for us. One night, after a planning meeting, we had a few drinks at the bar and started dreaming up fun concessions for the party… so anyone who had those amazing fried oreos at Beachadelphia, you have Chris to thank!

So, to Chris and Chris and Chris and Chris and Chris and Chris, we wish you a very You-mas… and a happy New Year!


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