Meet Gaby!

Name: Gaby Schwartz

Connection to Tribe 12: I am a proud 2021 Tribe 12 Fellow Alumni!

What did you stress bake during the pandemic? CUPCAKES!!

Highlight of my Spotify wrapped: Apparently, I listen to A LOT of Eminem. NO SHAME.

I’m not awake until I… Drink my coffee & wash my face.

Restaurant I take out-of-towners to: Poke Burri Philly

New Years resolution: Make new friends, connections, eat attempt to eat healthier & launch my lifestyle cannabis blog!!

Favorite Mitzvah: Anything related to animal (both wild and domestic) welfare advocacy.

Jewish holiday I could celebrate every day: Hanukkah

Currently bingeing… The Witcher!

Best dessert in Philly: Cupcakes from Termini Bros Bakery


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