Meet Rabbi Megan!

Name: Rabbi Megan GoldMarche

My job at Tribe 12: The new Executive Director starting February 1, 2022

My pandemic silver lining was…Shabbat dinners with my family- pre-pandemic we often hosted upwards of 50 people weekly, which we loved, but the intimate family dinners were a treat!

Favorite thing about myself: Making new people feel comfortable – I get a lot of great stories on airplanes

Jewish holiday I could celebrate every day: Sukkot- because it brings people together for good food and community outdoors- we barely had to change how we celebrate in pandemic!

Quirkiest hobby: Craft beer buying

Highlight of my Spotify wrapped: everything my toddler makes me listen to on repeat- luckily she lets us intersperse Spice Girls with Cocomelon

Secret superpower: Hosting 30 people for Shabbat dinner in a room that should not fit more than 10 (pre-pandemic of course)

Philly is the best city for… Reuniting with old college friends (I am a Penn Alum)… I have a hazy memory of great margaritas- I am ready for restaurant recommendations


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