Shabbat Clusters FAQ

Tribe 12 is delighted to partner with OneTable to launch our pilot Shabbat Clusters program this fall!

Tribe 12 Shabbat clusters are a great way to create connections in the Jewish community by meeting with the same group of folks for three consecutive months and make lasting friendships. These small groups will gather together the first Friday of the month October – December to bring in Shabbat in whatever way is most meaningful to them.

Clusters are groups of 8 – 12 folks in the greater Philadelphia area who are in their 20s and 30s and are either Jewish, partnered to someone Jewish, or exploring Judaism in a meaningful way. 

Eat, drink and celebrate Jewish life together in small clusters in person this fall. We cannot wait to Shabbat with you!



How are Clusters formed?

We curate matches for folks based on a variety of factors, from geographic/neighborhood to interests to just having the desire to gather for Shabbat!. Our clusters  have 8-12 participants and 1-2 Shabbat Cluster leaders. We are looking for volunteers to lead our clusters! Just let us know you are interested when you register.

Where do they meet?

The location of the In-Person Clusters will vary but are hosted by members of each cluster. They can take place in homes, parks, and any other creative spaces the cluster leaders choose (and Tribe 12 staff can help brainstorm space as well)!

How often do they meet?

In-person Clusters meet once a month every month for three months October – December (October 7th, November 4th, and December 2nd). 

What if I am not free one of the days?

Sign up anyway and depending on demand we may be able to get you into a Cluster! 

Do I have to pay for this?

You may need to pitch in and bring a dish or a drink but Tribe 12 and OneTable are covering $15 per person per dinner so anything under that is free! The only requirement is that the Shabbat Cluster leaders become OneTable hosts and put the event on the OneTable platform and that everyone signs up through OneTable.

What are Shabbat Cluster Leaders?

Shabbat Clusters Leaders help run each cluster. Tribe 12 provides a module for each of the three sessions with game options, ice breaker questions, and more to help you create a community for Shabbat. Email Polly to get involved!

Do I have to serve a “traditional Shabbat dinner”?

No! We encourage Shabbat Cluster Leaders to help facilitate making sure everyone at the table has an option for the meal no matter their dietary restrictions but beyond that – the ball is in your court! 

How do I sign up if I’m interested?

Click THIS LINK! Sign up by September 28th to guarantee getting in a cluster! 

Anything else?

All cluster members must be fully vaccinated to participate.

There are always questions that get left unanswered – email Polly at and she’ll do her best to answer!


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