Valentine’s Week at Tribe 12

Hey, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day! Even though we have ~complex feelings~ about the whole concept of Valentine’s, it is a Tribe 12 tradition to go big during it anyway. The idea is to offer a diverse suite of opportunities for people of all different personality types and learning styles, so that everyone has a chance to opt in to something if they wish.

Note that not all of these events are exclusively “SINGLES EVENTS” — we hate the idea of a meat market and the creepy, awkward vibes that come with it. These events simply provide safe, fun spaces to connect with like-minded people for the sake of connection — friendship, networking, partnership, and everything in between.

Ready to choose your own adventure?

If you think in memes and quote your therapist on the regular…

…join your fellow 20somethings for a Cannolis and Hot Cocoa Crawl on February 8th in Bella Vista! Kayli, Tribe 12’s resident foodie, will be hosting this crawl for her 20something peers. The group will hit up two of Kayli’s personal favorite spots in the Italian Market — super quirky RIM Cafe for their famous cannolis and the classic Anthony’s Italian Coffee House for the best hot cocoa in the city.


If you socialize differently…

…come to Neurodivergent Speed Dating on February 9th! Our in-house matchmakers Danielle and Michal will be your hosts and facilitators. They will be joined by a date coach from My Best Social Life who will share strategies in real time for succeeding in the speed dating environment.



If you swear by your Hogwarts house and insist that side parts are still cute…

…hang out with other 30somethings at our Sweets & Snacks Board Game Night on February 10th in University City! There will be board games to choose from or you can BYO, plus desserts and vegetarian snacks to enjoy (with kosher options, if that’s your thing). This event is hosted by one of our fantastic 30something volunteers, Sarah, in her own home — you’ll get the address when you register.


If you would rather help the world than give your $$$ to Hallmark…

…come volunteer virtually at Valentine’s Day Volunteering on February 14th! The Jewish social justice initiative Repair the World will be our co-hosts for this event which features the work of incarcerated poets, which we’ll be reading and responding to individually and as a group. This is a great opportunity to be in the room (or in this case, the Zoom) with like-minded people who you might have something in common with.


If you are passionate about exactly one thing and that’s ice cream…

…freeze with us at our Icy Ice Cream Happy Hour on February 15th in Rittenhouse! Hosted by Kayli (who, if it isn’t clear yet, is OBSESSED with all things dessert), this event is a catch-all for anyone in Tribe 12’s demographic of 20s and 30s who are part of Philly’s Jewish community. Bundle up: after ordering at Jeni’s, the group will head to Rittenhouse Square to enjoy the icy delights and good conversation.





Just for good measure, here is the full calendar in an adorable bite-sized image. To see all the Valentine’s events in one convenient place (and to learn more about our year-round matchmaking offerings) visit

Not finding a perfect fit? Our friends at Moishe House Philly are hosting two events that might be your thing: a Valentine’s Day Dance on February 11th and Galentine’s Day Crafts on February 13th!


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