Tribe 12 Winter/Spring Educational Offerings: Adulting, Magic and More!

One might wonder why Tribe 12, an organization known for Happy Hours, Entrepreneurship and fun, is running so many educational cohorts in 2024? So, I came here to tell you why. The most important answer is, because we listen! We heard from our community that you want more of these classes and cohorts. Tribe 12 is first and foremost about meeting folks in their 20s and 30s where they are at and helping them connect with peers (which has been true since we got our start as the Collaborative in 1998)!

Here are three other things we believe to be true:

  1. It is way easier to make connections with potential friends, partners, and community members, when you see the same people multiple weeks in a row and have a facilitated conversation about a topic of shared interest and relevance.
  2. Our constituents have a thirst for knowledge, ask big questions, are endlessly curious, and love learning from each other and from our staff team!
  3. Jewish wisdom is the birthright of all folks who are seeking a place in the community and we strive to make it accessible, welcoming and fun to all (regardless of background).

Now that you know all of that, we hope you will choose to sign up for one of our upcoming cohorts so you can get a sense of the awesomeness that comes from community building around cool Jewish ideas!

Here are our upcoming offerings:


Jewish Adulting 101 (How to be an adult in your 20s and 30s and not hate it) 

Now in her final year of being a 20/30 something, Rabbi Megan, is ready to share her hard earned wisdom on how to  be an adult and not hate it. Class topics will include finding and building community, self care, obligations to others, empathy and forgiveness. All sessions will include dinner with significant time devoted to bonding within the cohort. No prior experience or knowledge required.

The cohort is open to all Philly area folks between 22 and 39 who are interested in being part of Jewish community. Cost is $36 a person for the series. If cost is prohibitive, scholarships are available – please be in touch. 

Talmud for Everyone: Cultivating an Open Heart

Jewish tradition is known for its famous disputes and sacred disagreements. But with so many opinions, how can we discern which voices to listen to? Join Tribe 12’s Rabbinic Intern Molly Paul and Student Rabbi and SVARA Fellow Kendra Saperstein for a six-week course of empowering and accessible Talmud study. We will engage using the SVARA Method. SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva is an organization committed to creating learning spaces in which people historically excluded from the tradition can engage in meaningful conversation with it – and each other.

In this mixed-level Beit Midrash, we’ll explore Masechet Hagigah, where we will encounter questions of belonging, power, and multiplicity. Whether this is your first encounter with a page of Talmud or you are a seasoned Talmud learner – this course is for you! We’ll learn in chevruta, learning pairs, and explore this ancient Jewish text in the original Hebrew and Aramaic. While no prior experience with Talmud study is needed, participants must be able to read the alef-bet (Hebrew alphabet) in order to participateWe believe the ancient Rabbis wanted us to become thoughtful, brave, compassionate people. Together, we’ll explore how the practice of learning Talmud can help us get there.

Cost is $36 for the series with no one turned away for lack of funds.

Embark Philly: The Home We Build Together 

Tribe 12 has teamed up with Embark (a project of Moishe House) to offer “The Home We Build Together,” a 6-part series plus a retreat for couples seeking community and support as they make decisions about their spiritual lives. This couples cohort will help build community amongst Jews and those who love them who are in a similar life stage in the Philly area. Sessions will include conversations about how to: celebrate holidays in your home, choose a synagogue, create new traditions together and more! Sessions will be led by Rabbi Megan from Tribe 12 and Rabbi Elyssa from Tackling Torah.

The cohort is open to all couples in committed relationships, especially those from mixed-heritage & interfaith backgrounds. 

Cost is $180 a couple for the series and a refundable $100 deposit for the retreat. If cost is prohibitive, scholarships are available – please be in touch.  All sessions include a vegetarian dinner.

Telling Our Stories: The Ultimate Jewish Story-Telling Experience

Join Mick, Rebecca and a group of peers for a cohort-based experience at the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History. We will use its award-winning collection as our inspiration for investigating our own Jewish stories and histories. Together we will learn, laugh, and create.

We will meet weekly for 4 sessions at the museum, plus a culminating session during the Freedom Seder Revisited. Dinner will be served at each session. All sessions will be 6:30-8:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

Cost is $36 a person for the series. If cost is prohibitive, scholarships are available – please be in touch.  All sessions include a vegetarian dinner.

Judaism and Philanthropy

Join Rabbi Megan and a cohort of peers for a series examining the Jewish obligation to give financially and to ensure that the most vulnerable among us are cared for. We will use Jewish texts modern and ancient, our own personal experiences, and the local Jewish communal giving network to come to a better understanding of how we as young adults want to give back to the world. This cohort will kick off in April 2024 and is run in partnership with NextGen at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. 

Cost is $36 a person for the series. If cost is prohibitive, scholarships are available – please be in touch.  All sessions include a vegetarian dinner. We will also collect an additional optional donation during the class for a giving circle. Stay tuned: Registration coming soon!

Judaism and Magic

Throughout time, Jews have been magic practitioners. We find magic interwoven in the mezuzah that hangs on the doorposts of our house, in the spices we smell during havdalah, in the lulav we shake to bring on the rain.

While Patriarchy has long obscured much of ancient and old Jewish rites associated with magic of the everyday, a thread of resistance has always woven through. Together we will explore different ways magic shows up in our tradition in the form of amulets, incantation bowls, Jewish astrology, and so much more. This class is for you if you are excited to explore and try out some of these less well known elements of the Jewish tradition.

Sessions will be held on April 4, 11, 18, 26, May 3 (Shabbat) from 6:30-8:30pm at the Weitzman. Cost is $36 for the series with no one turned away for lack of funds. Stay tuned: Registration coming soon!


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