Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2016

AJ Kohn

The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia

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Venture Description

Lifelong skateboarders and professional educators all benefiting directly from the teachings skateboarding has taught them! The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia also offers skateboard workshops, parties, edutainment, and promotions, to appeal to people of all ages and skill level.

About the Founder

AJ is a true renaissance man of skateboarding! Aside from being the founder of The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia he is a successful event organizer & mc (World Championships / Contest Series /Fundraisers etc.), top skateboard show performer (over 2000+ shows world wide), skateboard activist, product / park designer, former top level amateur and current top level pro freestyle competitor (innovative and creative tricks) and skateboard educator! In addition to all his skateboarding accomplishments and entrepreneurial spirit, AJ is also a Industrial Design Engineer and STEAM Edutainment professional who is always on the road or implementing a new initiative somewhere to better serve the skateboarding community.


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