Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2024

Alex Braslavsky

Venture Name: Immersive Theatre Experience

Coach: Sharon Geller

Peer: Aimee Goldstein (’21)


Venture Description

The goal is to create an immersive theatre experience. There was a prototype in September as part of Philadelphia Fringe Festival (the show ended up winning Best Comedy & Improv award!) and now the work is to turn it into a full production. Alex is hoping to figure out: finding a venue, marketing the event, connecting with theatre groups in the area, creating a budget, etc.

About the Founder

Alex is a performer, educator, producer, etc. He has been teaching improv for almost a decade now to both adults and young people. He is excited to create immersive experiences for people in Philadelphia. He has trained, performed, and taught all around the country including Baltimore, NYC, Seattle, Phoenix, Buffalo, Providence, and more.


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