Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2021

Alexa Stango

Mitz + Mar

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Coach: Lorin Decker
Peer: Samantha Hyman
Social: @alexathrifts


Venture Description

Aleysunflower LLC, newly rebranded as Mitz + Mar, is a virtual second-hand clothing and accessories store. Its mission is to help people, mainly women, feel good about themselves by finding clothing and accessories that they love and in which they feel good, for an amazing price. In addition, the business focuses on sustainability through preventing the ever-increasing amount of textiles that end up in landfills and the reduction of carbon emissions produced by the mainstream fashion industry.

About the Founder

Alexa Stango was born and raised in Lower Merion, attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she double majored in Psychology and Spanish, then traveled all over the country and the world, finding herself back with her family and friends in her favorite city, Philadelphia. Throughout her life, she has always enjoyed the “thrill of the hunt” and the environmentally friendly factor of thrifting for clothing and has now been able to turn that passion into a career and open her own online secondhand store.


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