Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2017

Alison Ederer

ACE v'Shalem

Venture Description

Sexual violence is a crime rapidly affecting young professionals and students in all communities, including the Jewish community. This venture is an educational, advocacy and collaborative program is needed to end this violent crime. ACE V’Shalem creates a safe space for Jewish young professionals and students to have tough conversations, and become advocates against and ambassadors about what the violence in our community.

About the Founder

Alison is a young professional new to Philly, originally from Long Island. For work, Alison is an Engagement Coordinator at United Way and she is also a Master’s of Education Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Her interests involve community change and social justice, specifically in the realm of ending relationship violence. She loves attending Shabbat dinners, going to yoga classes, and exploring her new city.


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