Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2023

Alissa Kushner


Coach: Scott Aronow
Peer: David Kieve
Instagram : @LingualPhilly

Venture Description

Learning a second language is hard, but maintaining it can be even harder. Designed for people who already speak Spanish at an intermediate to advanced level, Linguál allows Spanish “maintainers” to join different groups based on shared interests and hobbies. Each group is a cohort-based program designed to build community, accountability, relevancy, and fun into maintaining Spanish language skills.

About the Founder

Alissa is an engineer, traveler, and lover of people and culture. Her appreciation for Spanish language and culture began with growing up outside Miami and later spending months living in Mexico City. Inspired by her experiences in these places, Alissa is trying to bring the relevance and ease of learning Spanish to Philly.


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