Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2021

Amanda Thum

The Confidence Class

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Coach: Deb Weinstein
Peer: Katie Rabinowitz


Venture Description

The Confidence Class is yoga for women and girls’ confidence. Using physical postures, meditation, communication tools, and more, it is a practice in learning unconditional self-respect and self-esteem. Through private and group classes in both personal and professional settings, The Confidence Class is for women and girls who want to feel less self-doubt when they walk in a room or open their mouths.

About the Founder

Amanda Thum is an encouraging, joyful, purpose-driven entrepreneur and proud alumna of Barnard, the women’s college of Columbia University. In her senior year, she realized her love for public speaking and passion for positive self-talk! Originally from Brooklyn, she left her corporate New York job in 2015, and booked a one-way ticket to Hawaii. While teaching hundreds of women’s yoga classes there, Amanda saw the need for a class that teaches confidence—and decided to go create it!


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