Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2015

Ariella Werden-Greenfield

The Feinstein Center for American Jewish History


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CoachScott Aronow 
PeerCarly Zimmerman 

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Venture Description

The Feinstein Center for American Jewish History supports innovative approaches to understanding American Jewish life. Its mission is simple: Inspiring Inquiry. In collaboration with institutions in Philadelphia and beyond, the Feinstein Center bridges the gap between scholarship and public conversation on Jewish culture, history, and identity.

About the Founder

Ariella Werden-Greenfield, PhD is the Assistant Director of the Feinstein Center for American Jewish History. Ariella’s passion for the study of American Jewish culture inspired her to pursue her doctorate in Religion. But, it was as an instructor at Temple University that she recognized her love for teaching college students and for curating public programs, thereby providing opportunities for lifelong learning. In her work at the Feinstein Center, Ariella plans and promotes exciting and intellectually rigorous events for Philadelphia’s vibrant Jewish community. She also directs Feinstein’s Jewish professional internship program.
Her research interests include Jewish history in the Caribbean, Afro-Caribbean religion, and Jewish food culture.


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