Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2015

Beverly Socher-Lerner

Makom Community

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CoachRabbi Bonnie Goldberg 
PeerElana Baurer 

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Venture Description

Makom Community is a Jewish enrichment center that creates family-centered Jewish experiences. We empower parents to build a Jewish life that is meaningful for their family. We welcome the excitement of children. And we strive to create an environment where it is safe for parents to learn alongside their children. We cultivate fluency and comfort in Jewish tradition through our joyful youth and family experiences. Not only is Makom Community a Jewish community committed to creating a more just world, we’re also committed to building a Jewish community that is open to anyone who wants to engage with Jewish traditions alongside their family.

About the Founder

Beverly is a Jewish educator who loves making Jewish life meaningful in out-of-the box ways that work well for each person. She has done that running a school out of the trunk of her car, building urban young adult community, and now founding Makom Community in fall of 2014 to create the kind of Jewish education she imagines for her own daughter.


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