Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2023

Brett Richman


Coach: Miriam Steinberg- Egeth
Peer: Molly Wernick

Venture Description

Tandem is a tailored and scalable leadership and professional development service. By getting to know you better, your interests, learning style, areas of strength and growth I create a personalized experience to support you. This is just the beginning of a conversation that includes 1:1 &/or group sessions, ongoing check-ins and support at regular intervals, and most importantly, giving you the space to break old habits and create new ones.

About the Founder

Brett returned to Philadelphia in early 2022 with no plans to leave, this is his home. Besides his family being here, two siblings, two nieces and a puppy nephew, it’s also where he sees his future and life settling in. Brett spends his time prioritizing his health and satisfying all of his nerdy tendencies (not limited to): TV/movies, pop culture, anime, comic books, food/coffee/beer, and of course Philly sports. He hopes to continue settling into Philadelphia, eventually meeting someone and laying down roots here as he enters that next phase of life. Professionally, Brett has spent his career working with people-serving Jewish agencies, and looks to continue that work, focusing on leadership and program development, implementing tactics and processes to drive growth, and organizational stability.


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