Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2020

Dani Horn

Repair the World Philadelphia

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Coach: Andrea Jacobs
Peer: Sam Fischer
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Venture Description 
Repair the World Philadelphia was founded in 2013 to mobilize Jews and their communities to take action to pursue a just world. Philly Repair addresses pressing local needs through service, learning, and reflection grounded in Jewish values. This work is led by local staff and a cohort of Fellows that recruit and engage young adults to serve alongside local partners, learn about and reflect on the meaning of service, and build a lasting community of volunteers. Philly Repair strives to build deep relationships with local organizations, partners, and neighbors to amplify local voices, deepen the impact of service, and create a more equitable Philadelphia for all residents.

About the Founder
Dani was born and raised in a suburb of Philadelphia. After attending the University of Maryland and spending time in Brooklyn, New York, she is now living and working in the city of Philadelphia as the Program Director of Repair the World Philadelphia. Dani is inspired by her community members and she is driven to volunteer with local nonprofits. In her free time you can find Dani attending community events, trying out new restaurants, running in the neighborhood, and spending time with her family and friends.


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