Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2011

Danielle Selber

The Shabbat Project


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PressLast Hurrah At The ShoreDanielle Selber: Building Community through Gratz Roots


Venture Description

The Shabbat Project seeks to provide Shabbat experiences in casual, no-pressure, and non-traditional settings for Jewish young adults in their 20s and 30s, with the ultimate goal of encouraging people to “take Shabbat home” – to incorporate it into their own lives and the lives of their future families, in whatever way they choose. Retreat-style weekends and community Shabbat dinners will invite people to experience Shabbat, often for the first time, and discover that there is no “right” way to connect with Shabbat and Judaism — but millions of ways to try. The Shabbat Project’s signature program is The Shorehouse, a summer retreat house for Jewish young professionals seeking to spend a relaxing and engaging Shabbat together.

About the Founder

Danielle graduated with her Masters in Jewish Studies from Gratz College. Building off three successful fellowships in the Jewish community, including a year as a Birthright Israel NEXT Fellow, she aspires to a career in the Jewish non-profit world. A Jane of all trades, Danielle is a published writer, a Hebrew school teacher and a former real estate marketing consultant.


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