Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2023

Dave Freedman

Elevated Film Productions

Coach: David Diamond
Peer: Matt Bussy
Website :

Venture Description

Elevated Film Productions was born to captivate viewers with beautiful moments. A full-service film studio, it specializes in single-shot drone films that tell a story—whether a client’s story, a product’s story, or simply reframe and elevate viewers to new perspectives to see the beauty all around us.

About the Founder

Dave Freedman is a Canadian-born Architect at Foster + Partners, a world-renowned firm. After refining his creative aesthetic while part of the team designing Philadelphia’s new Penn Hospital and the Comcast Technology Center, he’s now leading the design for PGA TOUR’s new broadcast facility. While producing 3D renderings, and turning them into captivating virtual-reality fly-through videos, he discovered his skills naturally translated into cinematic drone films, and founded Elevated Film Productions.


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