Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2017

David Kieve

Always More To Philly


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CoachStu Maleef 
Peer: Adam Wodka 
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Venture Description

Always More To Philly is the definitive connection between local entertainers and an engaged audience. Through a weekly email digest to subscribers,, and invites to exclusive events, you’ll discover Philly’s underground and find something exciting to do tonight.

About the Founder

David [Dah-vEEd] Kieve is a musician, comedian, and marketer. He grew up in Philadelphia, lived in New York, and is bringing NYC events promotion experience to show that there really is more to Philly (just need to make it visible). David enjoys hosting Shabbat dinners, jams, and Shabbat dinners with jams. He’s apparently also a Master Pie Baker.


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