Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2013

Deena Roemer

Closet Redemption

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Venture Description

Closet Redemption is an investment in actualizing your potential. We work hard on our insides, constantly striving to refine and cultivate from within, be it in the spiritual realm, the academic world, in our professional life, within our communities and our homes. Our inner beauty is our core, but our outsides should not be forgotten. Physicality is often seen as superficial, yet if recognized as a means to elevate the internal and to radiate inner beauty outward, it is not superficial at all. Closet Redemption is about teaching women how to use and love what they already have. We teach women how to shop their own closet, how to revamp and repurpose their existing wardrobe in an effort to reflect the inside out. Got a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? In a two hour session, we will put together complete outfits from head to toe from your own closet, photographing each look providing clients with a visual guide “The Look Book” for later reference. Closet Redemption’s suite of services also include personal shopping, clothing restoration, image consulting, packing services, etc and we are continually adding new value propositions to best serve the needs of our clients. Closet Redemption prides itself on looking at the clothes in your closet in a whole new way with a fresh eye, a sensitivity to your specific needs and budget, and a flare for your individual style and personality. It’s about spendLESS shopping, not ENDLESS shopping.

About the Founder

I am a Jewish woman- a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a sister in-law, a niece an aunt, a friend, a member of my community, a student, a former advertising executive, a stylist, a headband maker, a baker, a horseback rider, an excellent gift wrapper and G-d willing one day soon a wife and a mother. I am passionate about actualizing my potential, refining my character traits, connecting with others, learning new things and growing as a person –all of course while wearing a great outfit. I get excited when things “fit” (and I don’t only mean clothes), when there is synchronicity, when things come together and work, be it an opportunity that presents itself, perfectly mixed patterns, a beautifully set table, or a “chance” encounter. I am the person who really appreciates beauty on the outside but also truly sees it as a reflection of beauty on the inside. I am driven to succeed by the possibility of having an impact on others, by the opportunity to become the person I am meant to be, by using my gifts and talents to do the job that only I can do in this world.


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