Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2011

Dima Moverguz


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Venture Description

DAVAI! is an outreach nonprofit organization that aims to create various educational and social opportunities for Russian-speaking Jewish young professionals residing in the Greater Philadelphia area. Its major aims are to build up the Russian Jewish community, enhance Jewish self-identity within our participants, bridge the gap between the Russian-American and the greater American Jewry, help participants develop leadership skill, engage participants in volunteer service and promote the importance of Israel among others.

About the Founder

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Dima immigrated to Buffalo, NY with his family at the tender age of 12. Upon graduating high school, Dima moved to Philadelphia to pursue a degree in Computer Science at Drexel University. Being a part of the Russian Jewish Philadelphia community, Dima is actively engaging young Russian-speaking professionals in various Jewish social and educational activities with aims to enhance Jewish awareness and self-identity.


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