Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2021

Elijah Tomaszewski

Hineni!/Here I Am! Writing Trans Jewish Narratives in Contemporary Fiction

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Coach: Miryam Pomerantz Dauber
Peer: Samuel Fischer


Venture Description

It took a graduate thesis for me to finally write about being transgender and Jewish– subjects I’d deemed too difficult, raw, and multifaceted to properly explore, but once I started to write, I knew I owed it to my younger self– and the communities I frequented– to keep going. Hineni! aims to contribute to the growing representation around transgender Jewish characters in contemporary fiction. My first novel, finished during the Fellowship, portrays a transgender Jewish father readjusting to life in his Southern hometown.

About the Founder

Elijah Tomaszewski (Eli Aharon) studied creative writing at Susquehanna University, where he was a Janet Weis scholar, and Rosemont College, where his nonfiction thesis, “the wakeful heart,” was received with distinction at graduation. Elijah works a day job in the Philadelphia suburbs that gives him plenty of character ideas and moonlights as a literary magazine copyeditor, contest screener, and conference volunteer coordinator.


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