Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2012

Elisa Heisman

Shul Solutions

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Venture Description

Shul Solutions is a full service consulting company focused on supporting synagogue professionals and lay leaders who work towards creating vibrant Jewish communities. The following affordable, informative and engaging workshops are in development and will soon be available in your area:

  • Marketing Judaism – Learn how to make Judaism relevant in people’s lives; take advantage of every interaction you have with potential and current members; and get them to join or become more engaged in your community.
  • The Chosen Programs – Tired of randomly creating programs and hoping people will attend? Find out how to plan for and develop programs in new ways that will meet the needs of your congregants and enhance your community.
  • Shul Speak – How do your members find out what is happening at the synagogue? Are they reading your newsletter or visiting your website? Or both! Discover best practices and effective ways to communicate with your members through both traditional and on-line platforms.
    In addition, I am available to come to your shul, meet with clergy, staff and lay leaders to provide training and offer expert advice in a variety of member engagement areas that specifically addresses the needs of your community.


About the Founder

Elisa Heisman has worked as the Program Director at Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen, PA since 2003. She serves the members of this congregation by coordinating quality programs and managing effective print and on-line communications for over 1100 families. Her priority and passion is to make the Jewish community more accessible to all. For the last four years, she has taught the Mother’s Circle program which educates and supports mothers of a different faith who are raising their children Jewish. In addition to this, she served as President of the Program Directors for Reform Judaism (PDRJ), an affiliate of the Union for Reform Judaism from 2009-2011. She has also taught many workshops to synagogue professionals, program directors, graduate students and community lay leaders in areas relating to synagogue management. She also is a mentor to many program directors around the country.


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