Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2017

Emily Levitin

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Coach: Matt Utterback
Peer: Benjamin Chaim

Social Media: LinkedIn


Venture Description

Everyone has the right to happiness, livelihood and purpose in their work. A critical component in this process occurs when students are expected to define their career paths without exposure to various options. By providing career compatibility scores and first-hand reviews, candidates have more insight into their appropriate career, while employers have more insight for their candidate selection process. This venture will streamline career paths, limit occupational uncertainty, and increase employment satisfaction by bridging the gap between education and income.

About the Founder

Emily is a go-getter with a fire in her to continuously grow and improve. She loves trying and learning new things. After graduating with honors and a degree in finance in three years, she began working at one of the largest investment companies and quickly moved up the ranks across various departments, including Brokerage, Corporate Finance, and Risk Management, none of which fueled her entrepreneurial passion. While supporting Human Resources in Corporate Finance, she saw the amount of resources that were spent on recruiting and the struggles employers face trying to find the right candidate. With her personal experiences and similar sentiments from many others, she decided to do something about it. Emily wants to create transparency in the job market and help our next generation understand the options that are right for them to earn a living and find fulfillment in their work.


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