Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2019

Gail Rubinstein

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Coach: Matt Pincus
Peer: Amy Zitelman

Social media: Instagram, Facebook

Venture Description

Retail Resilient is the #1 most transparent solution for digital marketing and sales training on social media. Retail Resilient includes keynote speaking on the topic of resilience to businesses and communities nationwide and within the local Philadelphia market. These resilience workshops and speaking engagements will provide people with real life stories of resilience, key steps to move forward when experiencing life setbacks and an opportunity to journey into a new way of living.

About the Founder

Gail has spent 22 years in the automotive Industry in multiple positions ranging from General Sales Manager, New Car Manager, Finance Manager and Performance Manager with vAuto and Cox Automotive. Gail has built a few automotive start-up companies from the ground up. Gail is originally from Winnipeg Canada and has lived in the United States since 2001. She believes in entrepreneurship, capitalism and the spirit of using creativity to build something from nothing. It is through hard work, dedication, passion and love that people can come together to build strong business communities that provide jobs, financial resources and a place you can call home.


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