Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2014

Heather Schmerman

Sign of the Times

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Venture Description

Studies show that exposure to American Sign Language before the development of spoken language helps to improve children’s visual and mental acuity. Heather Schmerman devised a fun and creative way for parents to do this! Sign of the Times is a unique, innovative business plan, which aims to educate Jewish parents on how to communicate with their children using storytelling in American Sign Language (ASL). Schmerman, a Deaf professional ASL teacher, designed a personalized course that will educate parents on ASL storytelling and conversation basics. By the end of the course, parents will be able to sign their own bedtime stories to their children. As a memento, parents will take home a digital video recording of themselves signing a story in ASL.

About the Founder

Heather is full of energy, ambitious, and willing to learn about anything with an open-mind and eyes when it comes to unexpected adventures! Heather is originally from Chicago, attended California State University, and studied for a year in Australia. Her passion for traveling, food, culture, acting and adventure has taken her to Southeast Asia, Turkey, Greece and Israel. Heather uses every day to meet new people and learn wherever she can. As a teacher, she is able to pass her knowledge of American Sign Language on to her students. Everyone she teaches wants to learn more, and Heather is always willing to share what she knows.


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