Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2022

Issa Kabeer

Faces of the Few: Peering Through as a Jew

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Coach: Carolyn Hochstadter
Peer: Ariella Werden-Greenfield (’15)
Social: website,  facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn

Venture Description

Faces of the Few: Peering Through as a Jew is a forthcoming coffee table book and accompanying web experience which showcases the work of Jewish artists of all backgrounds, lineages and ethnicities. The positive images serve to dispel entrenched stereotypes and begin a collective conversation about what a Jew ‘should’ look like.

About the Founder

Issa Kabeer is a special education teacher. A perennial student, he holds his Doctorate of Ministry as well as degrees in Peace and Conflict Resolution and in Animation. He specializes in the fields of interfaith dialogue, spirituality and diplomacy.


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