Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2011

Jared Jackson

Jews In All Hues

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Venture Description

Jews in ALL Hues is a peer-led program that provides a safe space for people from interfaith families to explore their identities as mixed heritage Jews. Many have felt they had to conceal part of their identity to be accepted, while some have never felt embraced as “authentic Jews.”. We provide an opportunity to feel accepted as a whole person and a part of the multi-cultural tapestry of the Jewish People along with educational initiatives.

About the Founder

Jews in ALL Hues Co-Founder Jared Jackson has been on a journey to understanding what it means to be a Dual Heritage Jew in today’s world. Both his passion for music and creating a truly inclusive Jewish community has strengthened his ties to not only the Jewish people, but all who share Dual Heritage. Due to this resolve, Jared received the ROI Grant (2010) and Charlie Award (2008) from CLI and Lynn Schusterman.


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