Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2020

Jessica Creane


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Coach: Rachel Dukeman
Peer: Rory Michelle
Website: IKantKoan
Social Media: Facebook & Instagram & Twitter & LinkedIn
Press: TEDx & NoPro Podcast 

Venture Description
IKantKoan is an immersive experience and game design company focused on playful experiences that empower participants to be the most daring and creative humans they can be. Participants engage in intimate, transformative experiences that invite them to explore complex and disempowering systems like chaos, climate change, politics, and love as part of a communal experience that is rooted in tight-knit stories, playful interactions, and real-world connections.

About the Founder
Jessica is an immersive experience designer dedicated to crafting playful, transformative experiences that bring people together. She is the founder of IKantKoan LLC, a production company focused on playfully exploring complex subject matter like climate change, ethics, chaos, and love. Jessica is a Professor of Game Design at Drexel University, a climate change game designer with The National Parks Service, a 2020 Arctic Circle Artist-in-Residence, and she recently gave a TEDx talk about embracing uncertainty through play. She is a graduate of The Pig Iron School of Advanced Performance Training and her work has been presented at The World Economic Forum, PAX East, PAX Unplugged, The Franklin Institute, IndieCade, Bandwi/d/th International, Tanween Creativity Festival in Ithra, Saudi Arabia, HERE Arts, FringeNYC, BostonFIG, and on KQED San Fransisco. Her New York Times recommended show, CHAOS THEORY, recently won the Best Social Immersion Award from Immersion Nation and is currently running at Caveat Theater, NYC.


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