Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2021

Jessica Grill

Nature to Play

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Coach: Leora Mallach
Peer: Jonathan Wetstein


Venture Description

Nature to Play is family-focused outdoor play – providing fun, educational, guided, local programs in your neighborhood where your kids can explore nature in all of it’s forms. Plus, while they are playing, you are learning some of the best techniques to support their growing brains, bodies, and the future of our planet! It’s in our Nature to Play, because every child deserves the opportunity to develop into resilient, healthy, happy, and creative members of the community.

About the Founder

Jessica is an explorer by nature and an environmental educator by profession, with a master’s degree in biology (though she’d be the first to tell you it’s really for playing in the dirt). She loves inspiring people of all ages to learn through play and will gladly point out all the cool, gross, interesting things all around you.


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