Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2024

Jessie Duke

Venture Name: Bendichas Manos

Coach: TBA


Venture Description

Bendichas Manos is a ceremonial cacao company Jess started in September 2021. Jess sources Indigenous grown Criollo cacao from a Mayan women’s collective in Guatemala, and then mixes and blends it with other herbs. Right now, Bindichas Manos sells direct to consumers on its website with a small number of recurring/subscription customers. Jess has also done several private cacao ceremonies for retreats, organizations, and private events, with a focus on Jewish holidays. Jess has never done any marketing and has relied almost exclusively on word of mouth. In 2024 Bendichas Manos will focus on reaching a wider audience with powerful storytelling and a powerful marketing strategy that is inviting and educational. Jess is committed to the mission of supporting more people in creating time and space for heart-opening, so that involves increasing subscriptions, as well as selling wholesale to restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, and hospitality. Jess is committed to making the company profitable and sustainable so it can grow and support her first, and then a team of others.

About the Founder

Jessie Duke (she/her) is a ceremonialist & entrepreneur dedicated to fostering connection & openness that enable people to uniquely contribute what is theirs to contribute to the world. Motivated by her own continual journey of sickness, healing, contraction, & expansion, she is at her best when serving a cup of cacao & creating space for others to slow down & drop in.

As the founder of “Bendichas Manos” (‘blessed hands’ in Ladino), a ceremonial cacao company, Jessie partners with Mayan women’s collective Ruk’u’x’Ulew, & encourages the recognition of the power of our hands as extensions of our hearts. Jessie advocates for incorporating personalized ritual with cacao to create even one small moment for embodied safety, intention, rooting & grounding in everyday life. She emphasizes the importance of centering, slowing down, & listening to enhance capacity for cultivating deeper relationships with oneself, loved ones, ancestors, communities, & the natural world.

Exploring topics like Judaism, relationships, herbs, trauma & healing, Jessie embraces life, business, relationships, & dissimulation as profoundly ‘psychedelic’ ceremonies. She is grateful for every opportunity to engage in her ongoing journey of experiencing, learning, growing, & changing.

She is most at home dancing & singing, on a beach or by a bonfire, with a yellow dragonfruit or a bowl of acaí in hand.


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