Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2018

Josh Silverbauer

Very Awesome Arts

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Coach: Michael Adler
Peer: Lauren Dranoff

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Venture Description

Very Awesome Arts is changing the way we learn about religion by helping us laugh about it. We’re celebrating culture through comedy across four entertainment platforms: theater, film, audio, and tech—retelling traditional stories in interactive, unexpected, and provocative (like, really provocative) ways. Our content pushes boundaries in the name of bringing us together, because that’s what the world damn well needs.

About the Founder

Josh Silverbauer appreciates a good hat, and underneath his hats lives a very awesome brain. His left brain owns a digital agency, building websites and tracking data for clients. His right brain writes rock operas and creates theater extravaganzas. He and his wife co-produce the now very popular Very Awesome Purim series, and that’s only the beginning of what they have in store for Jewish arts, culture and interactive content.



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