Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2020

Katie Rabinowitz

The Shaw Method

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Coach: Ari gilbert
Peer: Serena Shapero
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Venture Description
The Shaw Method is a health and wellness business designed to create community and human connection while each individual member becomes a healthier and happier version of themselves. Whether online or in-person, The Shaw Method is a welcoming space that providing opportunities for its members to sweat, get stronger, socialize, and give back, no matter their physical location, in the hopes of finding a bit of sanity in this crazy world.

About the Founder
Katie is a yoga and fitness instructor, health coach, and licensed attorney who inspires others to figure out what it means to truly live their best lives. She focuses her yoga and fitness practices and teachings on strength, mobility, and alignment within the confines of a fun flowing format. Katie dares her students to not take themselves too seriously whether on or off the mat, and loves to watch others light up when they discover new limits as to what they can achieve. Currently, Katie can be found teaching yoga and fitness at EverybodyFights, online through her Kickass Quarantine W(out)FH program, and by virtual or in-person appointment.


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